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These are the days of our lives, night time and day time we have to face up to our challenging environmental changes wherever we live in the world.

Our bodies are constantly under attack. Take a walk through any busy city centre and you’ll notice how much it affects your skin and hair, dust, dirt, rain, sunshine all expose your skin and hair to the elements and the free radicals in polluted air not to mention the overwhelming traffic fumes.

Pure Argan Oil

I’m always searching for effective methods to overcome the effects of modern day living. I’ve found a magnificent and perfect ally in Pure Argan Oil. A 100% pure and preservative free oil from Morocco. Many products are on the market at the moment advertising the fact that they contain Argan oil pointing out that it works better in partnership with their already established branding. However, combining Argan Oil with another product dilutes the effectiveness of this rare oil.

The Benefits of Using Pure Argan Oil

The main benefit of using Pure Argan oil is that should you wish – you and you alone – can mix it with your favourite products boosting their effectiveness on your skin and hair.

Argan Oil and Make UpMake-Up

Pure Argan oil as a skin primer, applied before my favourite brand moisturiser enhances the radiance of my skin. Prior to bathing massage the oil onto your body then luxuriate in the bath tub. Remove the grease and grime of the day by massaging some Argan oil into the palms of your hands then rinse off with a warm flannel. All your make-up will be gone leaving your skin deeply cleansed, moisturised and so, so soft.


Deep condition your hair by applying Argan oil to the roots of your hair then work down to the ends before bedtime. Wrap your head in a clean cloth and sleep overnight. Next day shampoo as usual and condition as usual. Do this as often as you desire but bear in mind that Argan oil is very effective when used sparingly. Only a few drops applied correctly will give you the results you want.


Argan oil is excellent oil for massage because it is so light, mild and easily absorbed by the skin. Stretch marks, acne scars, Psoriasis and Eczema are firmly in the past once you start using Argan oil regularly.

Accepting We Age

Everyone ages, it is a natural process, if we didn’t we’d all be unaltered like ‘Peter Pan’ and never grow-up. Learning to accept yourself and making the most of your own individual look is the healthiest attitude to adopt. Never mind Botox and fillers and all of the aids insecure people imagine make them look better. How long do these ‘miracles’ work? Note that eminent plastic surgeons who perform these image improving operations are constantly earning money by affirming people’s self-image insecurities. Readily agreeing that “you do need work done,” a nip here and a tuck there and presto.

I’m by no means preaching but wouldn’t it be a healthier better world if we set an example to our children to love themselves whatever stage they’re at in life. There is a dignity in growing older. Pure Argan oil can give you the skin and hair condition you want and will do all the work for you and you won’t feel you’ve changed beyond recognition. You’ll look and feel better altogether.


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